Intense Workout

 Sci-Fi and Exercise 

Join the movement and train for humanity's greatest battle.

Now in Alpha Testing!


Workout, Get Stronger,

Battle and Repeat.


Track a Workout with your Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin or any other heart rate device


Do an exercise for at least 10 minutes.



Get rewards, EXP and DNA Samples to prepare yourself for battle.



Upgrade Your Traits

Learn Combat Skills

For Two Titans

Titan Accounts +  Common DNA Samples
  1. Get Alpha Access and Discord Access

  2. Get a chance to discuss suggestions with the devs one on one

  3. Be one of the first to test Alter Titan

  4. Provide feedback to help shape the game's development

  5. Get Beta Access in the Future

  6. Get One Random Common DNA Sample

  7. Anti-Viral Mask (Cosmetic Item)

Three Factions

Myahara Faction

We have named our faction after the vast desert where the merciless heat allows only the fittest to survive.

Pacific Faction

We named ourselves after the vast marine realm, where the crushing depths breeds only the mightiest of predators.

Twilight Faction

We draw inspiration from the caverns deep beneath the earth, where hunters stalk prey in complete darkness.

This cute, hearty animal has the ability to change its fur color to sneak up to its prey. In addition, it can survive frigid temperatures making it the perfect companion for navigating colder environments.
Arctic Fox DNA Sample 
Exclusive Titan Account Add- On
Takes 3-7 Workouts to Hatch
German Shepherd DNA Sample 
Exclusive Titan Account Add- On
Takes 3-7 Workouts to Hatch
Historically deployed by police officers in the K-9 unit back on Old Earth, this canine has been preserved for its strength, intelligence, and obedience. Fun fact, dogs were once called "man's best friend" back then.
The size of a small dog, this carnivorous mammal can be identified by its pungent odour and extremely loud and painful screech. They are quite agile, capable of astonishing speed climbing trees and swimming rivers.
Tasmanian Devil DNA Sample 
Exclusive Titan Account Add- On
Takes 4-7 Workouts to Hatch
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As a Titan Cadet, you have volunteered your service aboard the Galaxus Super Vessel. You and your crew barely escaped the catastrophe which resulted in the earth's destruction. 

The Galaxus has become our final chance at finding a new home among the stars. The last transmission we've received from earth was grim. We must assume we are the only remaining survivors. Our mission is to train for whatever danger tapers behind us and prepare for the greatest fight humanity has ever seen.