Developer's Update
What's new at Exantra Team

We're Exanding the Team

With the combination of Indiegogo funds and Titan account sales, we will be expanding our team with the hiring of developers and designers. 

What does this mean?
This means we will be able ship features faster while receiving feedback from you guys. 

In order to put your needs first as our community, we plan to implement features based on the feedback surveys we've received from you.

Some of the top priority features we plan to implement this quarter include:

  1. Grind System 2.0 (includes syncing with Apple Health and Google Fit)
  2. Gear Store with a variety of weapons and gear
  3. Habitant Ascension System
  4. Daily PVE Bosses
  5. Story Mode (Campaign Missions) 
  6. Platoon vs Platoon 
  7. Platoon Events 
  8. Daily-Log In rewards
  9. Crafting System for Upgrading Gear
As some of you might know, the development of Alter Titan has been carried out by the two of us Masseef (Designer/Artist) and Jungledruid (Developer).
With the next round of Team expansion we plan to bring on:

Developer to help with the API integration with wearables (Google Fit and Apple Health)

2) 3D artist to improve upon the look of the Titan, add more cosmetic options (hairstyles, body compositions and skin overlays) build gears, weapons and rooms.
3) 2D artist to draw more Habitants and gear items.

4) Dedicated storywriter to write the campaign and the dialogue of the missions.

5) UI/UX designer to redesign the UI of the game, making it more user friendly

User Requests from Surveys

Autosync and 3rd Party Integration
26 requests

Grind Mode improvements
39 requests

More Grind Categories
23 requests

Titan Progress 
18 requests

Titan Customization
40 requests

Habitant Ascension
22 requests

Battle Mode Controls and More Info
45 requests

What's Coming Soon (November-December)

Dear Titans, we are currently building out the gear store for you to purchase various weapons, gear and items with grind tokens.


We will be releasing DNA samples first in the Helios store. 

You'll be able to purchase anything from DNA samples to DNA packs with Titan Medals or Tokens.

The Habitants available in the Helios Store will be rotated on a frequent basis. 

There will be everything from BehemothBeast, Epic, RareUncommon and Common samples.

In addition, there will be exclusive DNA samples which can only be purchased in the Helios Store and cannot be acquired through grind drops.

Exclusive DNA samples includes the Orca Whale from the Pacific faction and the Arctic Dire Wolf.


Soon you will be able to purchase DNA packs that contain an assortment of DNA samples from a specific faction.

A higher tiered pack will contain not only a guaranteed drop of that tier (for example: an epic DNA pack is guaranteed to drop an epic DNA sample) but also 6 other DNA samples from lower tiers with a slight chance to get another DNA sample from that tier. Purchasing 10 beast packs will guarantee either an additional beast habitant within the purchase of the 10 pack or a slight chance to receive a habitant of an even higher tier (in this case, the bonus would be a B
ehemoth DNA Sample).

What's inside a pack?

33 Requests

Grind System 2.0

There will be a high priority on implementing Grind 2.0 as there have been multiple requests for auto-syncing with different wearables.

For the Grind 2.0 system, there will be an emphasis on auto--syncing which has been a highly requested by you guys. We will implement the integration with Google Fit and Apple Health first and then work our way down the popularity list for wearables including Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung.

Buy gear with your tokens





Collect full sets to specialize in a class.

What other items will be offered in the Helios Store?

Battle Dome Series Weapons (Helios Issued)
These are weapons that can be purchased affordably from the Helios Store. They serve as low tier training weapons that have been mass produced for the Battle Dome but don't be mistaken: they can still deal lethal damage.

Stand-alone Weapons/Gear
These are weapons and gear items that can be purchased or acquired from NPC's aboard the ship. They sometimes come as a set but more often are one-off items that serve a need when you need a powerful sword or durable shield.​​


These will be equippable bio-forms that can be attached to Habitants. For instance a remora fish symbiote can be purchased for your Great White Habitant.These Symbiotes can benefit the Habitant during PVE combat by providing a buff.

Amazon Series

This line of items and gear will kick off the season one campaign of Alter Titan. Amazon weapons can be combined into a full suit for not only aesthetic appeal but also for full-suit buffs


Droids can be purchased for combat scenarios. One droid is the Auto-Surgeon Bot which can be deployed in combat and tends to your wounds after each of your turns. Other droids can be deployed for additional cover against enemy damage or skill buffs

Grenades are projectiles that can significantly alter the outcome of a battle. When used they can deal AOE status effects or raw damage against a group of enemies. 

Helios Claymore

One of the weapons that are Helios Issued and have cosmetic flare when equipped. This large sword requires both hands and is a favorite among the Vangaurd Class.

EX-1 Kirin Bow 

Another weapon that is Helios Issued and has cosmetic flare when equipped. This bow is a favorite among the Scout Class and requires high dexterity and luck to use effectively. 


Near Future Plans

We plan to introduce the Black Willow campaign where you will be able to embark on your journey aboard the Galaxus. 

This will feature enemies from the Black Willow Faction, Senza, Amazon Allegiance, Helios Corp and the Galaxus.

If you'd like to take a break from the story mode or need to level up your team after getting stuck with a segment during the story you can try your skills int he Amazon Bio-Dome and earn exp.

The Amazon Bio-Dome will contain these zones for replayability:


Pacific Zone

Drop Zone

Energy Valley

Energy Valley

Scarred Grove

Scarred Canopy

Scarred Canopy

Forked Coast

Forked Coast

Forked Coast

Bitter Path

Heart of the Jungle

Heart of the Jungle

Awakened Shores

Traders River

Elevated Sanctum

Rooted Depth

Rooted Depth

Rooted Depth

Beasts Labyrinth

Beasts Labyrinth

South Bloodline

South Bloodline

South Bloodline

Quarantined Zone

Each zone will feature different and progressively stronger enemies. Some wild Habitants will appear during your trek through the Amazon Bio-Dome allowing the opportunity to extract their DNA sample with a DNA collector kit.

33 Requests
22 Requests

Habitant Ascension System

With the ascension system, you'll be able to upgrade your Habitants from a lower tier (common to uncommon) by joining duplicate Habitants. 

Many of you guys have duplicates of habitants especially those of lower tiers. Combing a common a few times will permit you to ascend the once frail Habitant into a Beast Tier battle companion.