November 2020 Roadmap

Platoon Improvements (Currently Working On) 

Public Grind-Feed
Public sharing of grinds that are displayed in a news-feed fashion. This Grind-Feed will contain selfies and screenshots for grinds.

Ability to vote or press like on the grinds and workouts of your peers. The highest upvoted workouts will be sent to the top under spotlight.

Ability to follow other titans to get personalized feeds.

Ability to comment under the workouts submitted by your peers.

Gear System (in Queue)

-allows for the equipping and unequipping of gear items for the Titan.

Gear Store (in Queue)

-allows Titans to spend their earned tokens in the Helios Gear Store.

-Titans can buy weapons, med items, gear, exlusive DNA samples, boosters and more.