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What is a Platoon Leader?

A platoon leader is a unique position formed out of Project Second Earth whose main mission is to motivate more exercise and to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

Being a platoon leader allows you to bring encouragement to a platoon of other Titans and lead by example in your exercise life. When you show up, you will be easily recognized as their Leader.

This will require you to grind regularly yourself and in order to be an example for your platoon.

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Leader certificates are still being processed. Please hang tight Platoon Leaders!

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A Leader is in Sight!

what's in it for me?

Platoon Leaders are volunteers who stepped up to the challenge. As you lead Titans into training, you will find that many of them struggle to stay consistent. Some of them are coming from not exercising at all. 

This means you will need to motivate them and keep them accountable.

It will be a rewarding feeling when you see the fruit of your hard work as you invest in your platoon members. You will realize what an impact you can make in their exercise life.

Platoon broadcast


Use platoon broadcasts to relay an encouraging message for the day or rally your platoon members together.

Here are some modified yet effective broadcasts used by platoon leaders in the past:


"Hey Titans of Ares! We're only 30 grinds away from taking the top spot! Let's try to reach 5000 grinds this week!


"Let's keep up the great work Pacific Titans! Here's a quote to motivate us: ​'All progress takes place outside the comfort zone."'


Be unique and be yourself! Every leader has a different angle and approach to life.  

chat with them

Going above and beyond to chat with your platoon members helps them feel cared for and helps them remember that you are a real person who is not perfect but actually on the same mission as them: Becoming a healthier you and a stronger TItan.

talk with other leaders

Joining the Platoon Leader Discord allows you to share tips or strategies with your fellow Platoon Leaders.

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Please keep in mind that the Platoon Leader program is still in early pilot testing and is prone to changes. This means that you are one of the first forerunning Platoon Leaders to take charge of the Galaxus. 

Your actions and words will echo throughout time and further advance the culture of Platoons for future Titans and platoon leaders.

Can i lose my leadership status?

There are a few things that will result in a loss of leadership status.

1. Inactivity of a Platoon Leader 

2. No grind workouts submitted for 14 days

3. Misconduct or complaints from platoon members

After you have lost your leadership status, you will need to re-apply and have your application reviewed by the admin team who will ultimately decide if you are fit to lead again.