Myahara Desert Zealot Crate

Myahara Desert Zealot Crate

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Introducing the Zealot Crate: a starter package issued to all Titan Cadets who hail from the Zealot foundation.  Zealots were once renowned scientists and researchers who advanced DNA bio-engineering to where it is today. 

Most of the founding Zealots and its followers have died during the first invasion. Now only a small population rides aboard the G.C.S.S., and is comprised of young Cadets who are unfamiliar with their Zealot lineage.


Includes Digital Items

  • SYM Droid: A companion droid with habitant housing and DNA incubation capabilities. 

  • Rare DNA Sample (2x): A rare yet potentially powerful DNA sample that was once extracted from a creature on Old Earth. 

  • Carbon Steel Knife: A mid grade knife crafted with carbon steel for the long line of Zealot Titans. 

  • Titan Link: This bio-tracker developed by Helios provides insight for the cadet's intensive training.

  • Zealot Helmet: This mid-tier helmet is protective and durable enough for harsh weather, space travel and combat.

  • Zealot Area Card Key: This access card grants you access to your personal quarters in the Zealot Area which was constructed in the Sciences Wing. These rooms are outfitted with mid-tier furniture.