Twilight Caverns Interrogator Crate

Twilight Caverns Interrogator Crate


 Introducing the Interrogator Crate: a starter package issued to all Titan Cadets who hail from the Interrogator Council. Interrogators were once powerful aristocrats who held great influence over Old Earth's decision makers and sat on the council for The Four.

Most of the Interrogators vanished before the First Invasion had long began. The Interrogators who remain are young Cadets who are still undergoing their basic training.

Includes Digital Items:

  • SYM Droid: A companion droid with habitant housing and DNA incubation capabilities.
  • Epic DNA Samples (2x): A high sought after and powerful DNA sample that was once extracted from a creature on Old Earth.
  • Dark Tungsten Knife: A high-grade knife crafted with dark tungsten for the long line of Interrogator Titans.
  • Titan Link: This bio-tracker developed by Helios provides insight for the cadet's intensive training.
  • Interrogator Helmet: This high-tier helmet is protective and durable enough for harsh weather, space travel and combat.
  • Prestige Suite Card Key: This access card grants you access to your personal quarters in the Prestige Wing which was constructed in the Administrative Wing. These rooms are outfitted with high-tier furniture.