Congratulations Titan Cadet,

You have secured a seat and cryo-pod on the Galaxus. 

We will be departing soon, so brace yourself for a journey unlike any other. You are humankind's last thread, and the future depends on your exercises. 

You will be awakened from cryo-sleep soon. There is much to do once you have awoken. 
For now, have a good rest and enjoy your travel.

This is your Captain Speaking.

See You Soon, Out.




Dear Titans,


Thank you so much for supporting Alter Titan’s development we are eternally grateful for you coming along-side us to beta test the world’s first revolutionary fitness game from the future.


At Alter Titan, we believe in bringing the future into fitness through sci-fi and gaming.


As a thank you, we would like to endow you with 1 year of Titan Gold membership and also a starter crate packed with exclusive goods.


You will be able to enjoy Titan gold membership with your plus one for the first full year which includes:


  • Free EXP boosts every month

  • Squad Premium Mode (discounts for additional squad members, free access for flair cosmetics)

  • Free DNA Collector Kits (scales with your level)

  • More Daily Rewards

  • Free Crate Every Month

  • Discounts for skins offered in the Helios Store


What Can I Expect for April’s Launch

With Alter Titan still being in development, we will be rolling out features in sequence and we will require your continual feedback to make the game


Our earliest players have already tested an early alpha of the game which laid the groundwork for April’s patch.


Thanks to our early alpha testers, a number of features have been ironed out and validated/invalidated. Now we have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t we intend to release these features upon April’s launch:


1) Squad Access (invite up to 4 other friends or players to join your squad) and support each other in your exercise endeavor
through synergistic bonuses and team objectives


2) Habitant Bio-engineering and collection system which allows you to encounter and extract DNA from up to 100+ habitants in the Amazon and Cascade Bio-domes. This variety includes reptilian, aquatic, avian, insect, arachnid, mammalian, and hardshell types.


3) Leveling/Stats system that allows you to train your Titan and Habitants in preparation for battle and story mode

coming in the future. Project Second Earth campaign will be slowly released in episodes as the season progress.


4) Auto-Sync Mode which allows you to connect your Titan to your Google Fit, Apple Health, Garmin Connect, and Fitbit compatible wearable.

Manual Grind Mode for those of you who don’t have a compatible wearable that allows you to manually input your grinds through dashboard screenshots and a peer review system.


5) Amazon and Cascade Free-roam which introduces exhilarating environments that allow you to explore freely after your grind workout session.


6) Daily Rewards that push you to work out and show up. Simply logging in is the first step to hitting the gym or completing that home workout

7) Skill-based Combat System (1v2 or 2v2) in the bio-domes. Battle wild habitants from common to beast rarity. Defeating them will grant you a chance to extract a DNA sample and bio-engineer your own of that species.

Again we are excited to have you as part of Project Second Earth and look forward to seeing you onboard the Galaxus in April!

On behalf of Exantra Team, we'd like to thank you by gifting you and your plus on Titan 1 year of Titan Gold membership.


DNA Collector Kits

Replenishes monthly

Low-Mid Tier Crate

Replenishes monthly

EXP Booster Drinks

Replenishes monthly